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Besan, Honey And Olive Oil- Home made body scrub recipe

Home made besan and Honey body scrub
I love scrubs, especially home made ones, which are mild as well as natural. Scrubs help to remove the dead skin cells, making skin soft and supple. I have tried a variety of home made scrubs, and most of them works as well as any store bought ones. Also, they are safe and pocket friendly too, and contains all natural ingredients. Today, I will share a simple home made body scrub recipe with a little moisturizing thrown in.

Besan Honey and Olive Oil Body Scrub
Gram flour has been an integral part of women’s beauty care regime since the ancient times. Before the invention of soaps, gels and scrubs, besan was used to wash face.
 About the Ingredients
Home made besan and honey body scrub
  • Besan- is a natural scrub, with no chemicals. It removes dead skin cells and helps in brightening the skin.
  • Honey- Raw honey is considered to be a natural moisturizer and  naturally antibacterial.
  • Olive oil- Moisturizing is one among the many benefits of olive oil. Olive  oil contains Vitamin E, which is believed to be an elixir for retaining youthful skin. You can also use Almond oil, which is rich in Vitamin E
  • Essential oil- I Use lavender for the fragrance. You can use any essential oil that suits you best. Essential oils have several skin friendly nutrients and is beneficial for overal skin health
  • Rose water- Hydrates and soothes the skin
  • Turmeric- Natural antiseptic
DIY besan and honey body scrub

  • Besan ( mill made fine powder) – 3-4 teaspoon
  • Honey-  1-2 teaspoon
  • Olive oil-  10-12 drops (Organic or coldpressed preferred. you can also use almond/jojoba or any carrier oil that suits you)
  • Essential oil-  3-4 drops (Use the one most suitable for your skin type. I use Lavender)
  • Rose Water-   as required.
  • A pinch of turmeric powder
    Home made body scrub recipe

    Mix all the above ingredients to a fine paste. Consistency should be as that of dosa batter. To get the right consistency, add rose water.
    Please do a patch test before using to make sure the ingredients suits your skin well, and doesn’t cause allergy/side effects. If any of the above ingredients do not suit your skin type, you can always replace it with the ones that suits you, or avoid it altogether.
    Above ingredients suits me very well, and hence I include it in my skin care.
    Spread the paste evenly  on wet skin and massage gently for a minute or two ( do not rub, rubbing may cause rashes, or damage skin). Leave it on for a minute and then wash off with Luke warm water. I do not use soap or any shower gel. Just Pat dry after shower and dab in some moisturizer/body oils to retain moisture.

    DIY body scrub recipe

    How the Scrub Works for Me
    My body skin had become extremely dry due to months of neglect ( year end can be tasking). So when I got back to my routine, I first decided to do something for the scaly parched hands and legs.
    Scrub is the best way for smooth skin, and this one has olive oil and honey as well, which helps in hydrating the skin well. This recipe is very easy and can be prepared in two minutes. So I thought of giving it a try.
    Gram flour recipe for skin

    I used this scrub regularly, once a week, for 3 months and it has shown really good results. I could see and feel the difference within a month. It removes the dead skin cells, without making the skin dry. The tiny bumpy pimples on my back vanished. The roughness in the elbow and knees reduced.  I had uneven skin tone with black patches on my back, which reduced to a large extent. There was a natural glow in my body skin. Also, this gives good moisturizing, making skin smooth and soft. 
    After shower, I use a body cream, or any of my home made body moisturizers to retain moisture and to enhance the goodness of the scrub.
    Keep in mind, any natural recipes gives best results only when used for longer period, say at least 2 months, but it’s worth it as the results stays longer too.
      • Please do a patch test before using
      • Some of the ingredients may not suit your skin type, or may be allergic to you.  Use your own discretion when using it
      • Please consult a doctor immediately if there is any reaction
      • Do not use on face, unless you are sure the ingredients suits your skin. Oils may cause acne
      • Essential oils cannot be used directly on skin. It is usually used diluted with other ingredients/carrier oils. Please read the instructions from the manufacturer/seller before using the product.

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