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Coconut milk, Amla, and Onion juice-Home made hair pack recipe

Coconut Milk Amla and onion home made hair mask

Today's post is about hair care. A home made hair mask made of coconut milk, Amla (Indian gooseberry), Onion and Honey. 
Coconut has been traditionally used in our hair care like forever. Much before India discovered Olive oil, or any of the exotic oils available in market today, Our hair care primarily consisted of a good coconut oil champi. Coconut milk too has been a part of various hair treatment preparations. 

Coconut Milk Amla, Onion and Honey Nourishing Hair Pack
This hair pack is a easy and simple way to soft and shiny hair, is chemical free and natural conditioner as well. It Improves strength and promotes hair growth

About Ingredients
Coconut amla and honey home made hair pack recipe

  • Coconut - Rich in proteins, fatty acids, magnesium and contains traces of Zinc, all required for healthy hair. Promotes hair growth, makes hair strands stronger and Is a great conditioner
  • Amla - Richest source of vitamin C, said to contain an array of anti-oxidants. Considered as super food for hair, can be used topically, can eat it raw or have it in form of juice. Helps in hair growth, prevents dandruff and hair greying.. etc etc
  • Onion - Contains hair healthy Sulphur, zinc etc. Onion juice is used to combat hair fall and helps in new hair growth. Regular use helps to prevent greying (do a patch test before use, Those allergic to onion please avoid)
  • Honey - Antioxidants, anti bacterial, natural moisturizer. 

  • Grated coconut- 1 portion ( depending on your hair length)
  • Onion chopped- 1/2 portion
  • Amla- 1-2 ( deseeded) 
  • Honey- 1 portion ( raw, buy from a trusted brand or organic source)
  • Fragranced Essential oil- 1-2 drops ( as required to neutralize the onion smell)
You can change the quantities based on your hair length and volume

  • Toss in coconut, Amla and Onion into a juicer/blender. 
  • Strain the juice from the pulp to a clean bowl
  • Add honey and mix well
  • Add Any essential oil that can be used for hair. (this is optional, only to blunt Onion odour)

Apply to the length of the hair from scalp to the tips. Massage scalp gently for a few minutes, but be careful not to rub. Cover with a hair cap and leave it on for 30 mins, or as long as you are comfortable (caution- you may catch cold if you are not used to these hair packs). I leave it on for around 3-4 hours minimum. 
Wash with warm water and shampoo

As the name suggests, this is a nourishing hair pack, and benefits all hair types, especially dull, dry and damaged hair. Coconut and honey are both natural conditioners. My hair looked more shinier and feels soft on touch after shower. Also, I have seen a considerable reduction in dandruff. My scalp looked clean. I used this hair mask once a week, and on other days used my regular hair oil. I could see and feel the difference in my hair texture in 5-6 weeks. I used it regularly for more than 3 months, and now use it once or twice a month. I can say this mask has helped to improve overall hair health, increase the shine, and has strengthened the hair strands. 

Although there is no clear scientific research or studies on the benefits of the ingredients used here, like all other Indian natural/ayurvedic treatments, the knowledge is passed on through the generations, and has been used in Indian households till date. Infact, use of home made recipes is increasing in this internet generation as more and more people learn of the benefits and try to incorporate as much as nature as possible into their every day lives. 
Honey for hair


Those allergic to Onions can get allergic reactions to topical application of onion/onion juice.
Some of the ingredients may not suit your skin type, or may be allergic to you. 
Please do a patch test before use.

Coconut milk for hair

Coconut milk hair pack DIY recipe

Onion Juice for hair
Amla hair pack recipe


  1. Such a simple and effective DIY. I'm going to try this. Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Thanks Snehal.. it is easy, and really gives a nice shine to hair.

  3. Nice DIY. Thanks for sharing. Will give it a try...

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